Change The Way You Attract and Retain Top Talent

Total rewards that are individualized can attract, motivate, and retain employees. Total rewards packages should be able to change over time, to meet changing employee preferences and needs. Finally, building out rewards packages can be much easier to navigate and understand for your new hires. Bundl allows you to do all of these things! 

Our Colorado-based team includes developers, marketers, salespeople, consultants, and more who are here to help your employees build and customize a traditional and non-traditional benefits package to fit their needs.

Bundl was created because we believe that getting the same rewards package in an offer as our peers is not meaningful and is not as impactful as employers intend. We all are driven and motivated by different factors and should be able to choose and build reward packages to meet our individual needs. Join us in changing the way you offer total rewards packages to your candidates and employees

Employer FAQs

Bundl’s Offer Letter feature makes it simple for candidates to customize their total rewards package that then goes into their offer letter. Additionally, Bundl’s toolset can also allow current employees to customize their total rewards as well. Typically this is done during merit review periods, annual raises, and more. If you are interested in learning more about how Bundl can empower your current employee base, please contact us and we will customize your demo accordingly.

We charge on a seat basis for each admin and pricing tiers are determined by the number of offer letters you need to send to your soon-to-be new hires. Connect with our team at sales@bundl.co to talk about your needs, and we can provide you an accurate quote.

We recommend that a company offer 5-6 traditional and non-traditional benefits at a minimum in order to make the customization of Bundl worthwhile for their new and current employees. 

Great question! Health benefits come with lots of legal complexities so Bundl does not let employees configure health benefits within our platform. What we can do is take the total value of what your company contributes towards health benefits and count it towards an employees’ allocated Bundl balance.

Additionally, 401K matching comes with complexities like Safe-Harbor, ADP testing, and vesting schedules. Talk to us about what you offer your employees and we can work with our consultants to see if and how we can build your 401K matching program into your Bundl plan.

The timeline to implement Bundl varies depending on the complexities requested from each business. Our offer letter tool is self-service so you can get set up and running in about 30 minutes if you choose. However, if you require more complex integrations and implementations, we estimate that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

That’s great! We can work with some of our partners that can help get you set up at discounted prices.

You have the ability to add users from your admin dashboard, and those will be billed based on the balance of the remainder of time until the company’s next contract. We will credit any license subtractions per your contract agreement and you will be charged or credited monthly based on the addition or subtraction of users.

You will set up default Bundls for all employee types at implementation (full time, part time). Once a user transitions, they will be reset to the default Bundl of the new role and will be given a new point allocation where they can re-build and re-submit their Bundl.

Yes, in the candidate’s profile, you can add additional percentage points to increase their balance. Talk to your Bundl rep if you need help with a walkthrough.

For our initial launch, we do not have any HRIS integrations in place. If you specifically need an HRIS integration in order to utilize Bundl, we can work with you and provide an additional quote to begin the integration. Going forward, we plan to provide a wide variety of HRIS integrations.

Yes, per our privacy policy, individual employee user data is protected. We will share high level selections for data trend purposes, but no individual or private information will be shared with other parties