Total Rewards

Empower your team to create their own customized and unique total rewards packages, while still staying within company budgets and policies.

Unique And Personalized Customization

What if you could better understand what makes your team ‘tick’? What gets them out of the bed each morning and excited to go work? Now more than ever, we understand that every employee has different goals and motivations that make them happy at the workplace. Some people work hard for a big monetary bonus at the end of the year, some prefer additional vacation days, and some even want more equity in the company. 

Long gone are the days of offering the same incentive package to every employee in your business. But what if there was a software that enabled employees to choose the incentives and rewards made them happiest?

Paid Time Off

401K Matching Programs

Student Loan Assistance

Company Equity

Monetary Stipend

And More...

Empower Your Team, Attract And Retain Talent

Bundl is a cloud-based total rewards management software that allows YOUR employees to custom-build a valuable and meaningful incentive and rewards package the best fits THEIR wants and needs.

Built For Employers And Employees


Employees better understand their total compensation


Employees get more visibility into what makes up their total rewards package


Employees get the ability to customize what makes up their total rewards


Employers understand what rewards employees' value most and least


Employers can provide unique offerings that differentiate you from other companies


Employers now know what rewards to invest in- and where

Set Limits And Values That Fit Within Company Budgets

Only offer your employees the benefits and incentives that fit in your current company plan. Set mins and maxes and define an employee ‘benefit value’ so your employees selection never exceeds what you have budgeted towards them

Enable Your Team To Build Unique And Personalized Total Reward Packages

Don’t have a ‘use it or lose’ it mentality for your benefits. Does an employee want more PTO this year for an upcoming family addition? Or does another employee really believe in your business and wants additional equity shares and less in the 401K matching program? Let them pick, choose, and scale traditional and non-traditional benefits that fits their needs

Get Insights Into What Motivates Your Employees

Utilize team insights to see high level data about your team and what keeps them motivated. Managers and Admins can get insights into what each individual values and how to keep them engaged and happy at work

Get Notified Of Launch

Happy and motivated employees lead to better production and longer retention, saving you valuable money and time that goes into employee turnover and new-hire onboarding. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to get notified of Bundl’s beta launch.