Employee-Built Total Rewards

Enable candidates and employees to customize and build meaningful and unique total compensation packages, all while remaining within company budgets and policies.  

Unique And Personalized Customization

In today’s diverse workforce, understanding individual motivation is vital for attraction, retention, and productivity. People are driven by various goals, perks, and incentives, whether monetary, vacation time, or equity. A one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient.

Enter Bundl. It empowers employers to enhance job satisfaction and retention by enabling new hires to personalize their compensation. Bundl’s customization sliders let employees set their own rewards—base salary, equity, PTO, and more—within preset ranges.

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

Commuter Benefits

Commuter Benefits

And More...

And More...

Company Equity

Company Equity

Monetary Stipend

Monetary Stipend

Attract And Retain Top Talent

Bundl is a total rewards solution that allows candidates and employees to customize and build a meaningful total compensation package that best fits their wants and needs.

Built For Employers And Employees


Employees better understand their total compensation


Employees can more clearly see what makes up their total rewards package


Employees have the ability to customize their total rewards package for their offer letter


Employers understand what rewards candidates value most and least


Employers can provide unique offerings that differentiate you from other companies


Eliminate the counteroffer and expedite internal approval processes

Set Limits And Values That Fit Within Company Budgets

Only offer your candidates the rewards and incentives that fit your current company plan. Set minimums and maximum limits and define an employee ‘benefit value’ so your new employees’ selections never exceed what you have budgeted for them.

Enable Your Employees To Build Unique And Personalized Total Reward Packages

Does an employee want more PTO this year for an upcoming family addition? Does another new hire really believe in your company and want additional equity shares and less in their 401K matching program? Let your employees pick, choose, and personalize their own traditional and non-traditional benefits packages that will go into their total compensation.

Get Insights Into What Motivates Your Employees

Utilize team insights to see high level data about your team and what keeps them motivated. Managers and Administrators gain insights into what each individual employee values and how to keep them engaged and happy at work.

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Happy and motivated employees lead to better production and longer retention, saving you money and valuable time spent on employee turnover and new-hire onboarding. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about Bundl today!