Bundl enables candidates and employees to build and customize their own compensation packages, giving them a personalized total reward selection experience that is employer-approved. With Bundl, employers can offer customized incentives and rewards to their candidates and employees, allowing you to attract and retain top talent. Join us in revolutionizing the hiring and merit review process by empowering employees with customizable compensation packages.

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Have you heard about Bundl? It’s this new software that allows employees to build their own total compensation packages. That way someone can weigh and choose our compensation towards our wants and needs. It’s supposed to help attract the best talent and keep people like me at the company for a long, long time. Bundl also allows you, the employer, to build limitations around rewards and only offer what is fair, that way you can stay compliant. On top of that, they offer a reporting dashboard that lets you see what rewards you prefer. That way you can focus your budgets on rewards that are making a difference! I tried it out here and thought it was pretty awesome!

Either way, I wanted to share it with you and see if you’d be interested. Check them out at https://bundl.co/, I hope we can use them!